The VLDB+ (EDA04075) is a board designed by CERN’s EP-ESE group to provide an evaluation kit for the new Versatile Link ecosystem. This reference design gathers 3 custom and radiation hard devices such as the lpGBT (low power Giga Bit Transceiver), the VTRx+ (Versatile Link Plus Transceiver - not included in the kit) and the FEASTMP DCDCs common to some of the HL-HLC experiments and composing the main elements of the board. It can also be provided with a Control Toolkit based on a customized rapsberryPi on which runs a control software.

With the VLDB+:

  • We propose a validated reference for other designs involving the Versatile Link components.
  • You can get familiar with the lpGBT by configuring it over the PiGBT control tool (the connector is also compatible with the former dongle).
  • You can test your custom front-end system communication to the lpGBT through two FMC HPC connectors.
  • You can emulate a full system (back-end and front-end) connecting a compatible Xilinx Evaluation Kit (VC707 KCU105 VCU108, VCU118 and ZCU102) through the FMC HPC.
  • You can perform radiation tests on the full system.

The CERN-VLDB+ webapplication provides several interfaces to:

  • Order Kits: Order your VLDB+ Kit, RPI Control Toolkit and VTRx+ in the Orders section. You have to be logged to access this section from navigation bar.
  • Access the Manuals: The VLDB+ and the Control toolkit manuals are available and being constantly updated.
  • Access the Forum: If you have any doubt or problem, you can access the lpGBT support forum and look at the already solved topics. If any related problem/doubt is not on the Forum, you can create a new topic about it.
  • Download files: You can download any type of file (HW, SW, FW) from the Sources window